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An important reminder to all customers, present and future: 

New Jersey State laws & regulations allow "you" the customer to have your vehicle repaired at the collision repair facility of your choice. 

The insurance company may not force you to have your vehicle repaired at any specific facility, although many times in speaking with insurance representatives or agents, you will be given the "impression" that you are obligated to patronize a specific repair facility. You may also be lead to believe that if your repairs are not performed at a specific facility, that you may suffer consequences such as no warranty or recourse, extra fees, and more. Some insurance companies have special deals with certain facilities to perform repairs for rates well below the market value. They are in fact attempting to do just what they are in business for, to minimize costs. Their Costs!  It can be compared to an H.M.O. medical treatment scenario, however when you join an H.M.O., you often give up the right to choose your care providers, which is not the case with collision repairs. Yet !  

All Licensed Collision Repair Facilities are held to the same legal standards. Any Licensed Facility may negotiate with any insurance company on your behalf. At D.J.'s Auto Body, we negotiate for the most complete and the safest repair job possible, and fare market repair pricing. We work for "you", the customer and want you to be satisfied with the repair job so you will recommend us to other people! 

Many of us often wonder..... if a collision repair facility has struck a deal with an insurance company which requires them to provide drastic discounts, just where are they going to make up that lost revenue?  Repair facilities are in business to make a profit. We all have similar fixed expenses and overhead that must be paid. We would find it impossible to work at an extreme discount from the market rates without sacrificing quality, and perhaps safety! 
So, the question remains...  How do those repair facilities make up for it???

EXPERT Collision Repairing

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These are actual photos of a recent collision repair job !

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