D.J.'s Service Center

Look at the picture to the right.
Is that guy your mechanic ??? 

We hope not!
But many customers wind up getting this guy as their mechanic because they have not yet been to D.J.'s !

So if you're looking for a great mechanic and are afraid of who you might get.... 

Then you had better call D.J.'s !


 Picture of an angry mechanic.


Tune Up ~ Tires ~Wheel Balancing ~ Brakes ~ Cooling System ~ Air Conditioning
 Exhaust ~ Computer Diagnosis ~ Electrical ~ Oil & Lube
Fuel Injection ~ Transmission ~ Drive Axles

"A Hatchet Price buys a Hatchet Job."
There's never a HATCHET JOB performed at D.J.'s !
Pay a fair price for a job done well. 
Pay once and not need to take it elsewhere to have it done again.

Specializing in...
All Passenger Cars, Light, Medium & Heavy Trucks
Private Customers And Commercial Accounts Welcome!

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